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The Basics Of Bathroom Mirror Installation: Your Options

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When you are planning a home renovation of any kind, your bathroom is likely on the list of areas to get a facelift. Especially if you are making major changes to the bathroom layout, it's going to mean installing new bathroom mirrors. Before you finish your bathroom remodeling plan, you should think about how you want to mount those mirrors. This helps you choose the right mirrors for your final results. Here are a few different mounting options to consider.

Permanent Placement

If you are confident that this remodel is going to produce a home that you'll be happy with for the next decade or more, you can opt for permanent mirror installation. Permanent mirror mounting is usually done with an extra-strong adhesive glue that's crafted specifically for this purpose.

The glues used for permanent mirror mounting are formulated so that they aren't easily dissolvable and they are made to last for many years. As long as your renovation contractors use a glue product that's properly rated for the weight of the mirror, you shouldn't have to worry about that mirror moving for a long time.

Long-Term Placement

If you want to have the mirror mounted for long-term use, but you aren't completely sure that this is going to be the layout you keep for the next ten or twenty years, you might want to opt for a long-term, but not permanent, mounting solution.

Much like the permanent mounting options, long-term mounting is usually done with an adhesive glue product. The adhesives used in this case will be a little bit different, though. These adhesives are created so that you can dissolve the glue by applying a certain product. Sometimes it's acetate, other times it may be alcohol. Make sure your remodeling contractors tell you what you need to use for removal.

Another long-term placement option is to choose a mirror with a frame that can be screwed into the wall. Using anchored screws, the mirror will be secure until you remove those screws to move the mirror when you want to.

Short-Term Placement

Finally, you can opt for short-term placement. If you've chosen a mirror that you're not certain you'll be happy with, or you aren't completely convinced that this bathroom remodel will be the last one, you may want to consider short-term placement mounting options. These options are usually the ones that include mounting brackets or something similar that the mirror then hangs from on the wall. 

The downside to this type of mounting option is that it usually leaves the mirror free-hanging, which can put you at risk of it either falling and breaking or being struck and causing damage. Make sure you talk with a company, like Econo Glass Systems, about other options to secure the mirror if you're considering this mounting option.