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Making Decisions About Window Repair Or New Installation When Glass Cracks

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A cracked window requires glass replacement, but homeowners have more than one option. They could simply schedule repair service to remove the cracked glass and install a new pane. Another option would be to have a new frame installed as well as glass. The homeowners might be interested in a different style, which they can have placed by a residential window installation professional.

When Repair Is Required

Unless windows crack during ground shifting or break by being struck, replacement is never actually required. Homeowners decide to replace the features to boost energy efficiency, make rooms more comfortable by eliminating drafts, and change designs. Cracked and broken glass, however, is another story. Fixing the problem is required to stay in line with residential building codes. 

Changing the Style or Frame

Consider a large picture window on a home built in the 1950s. One day, a horizontal crack appears, running from one end to the other. This can happen as the ground shifts slightly and the building settles. To some, a picture window might seem dated after more than 60 years. The idea of replacing it with a multi-pane bow or bay version might seem appealing. A bay model has a large pane in the middle with a smaller one on each side. A bow version includes more panes, which gives it more of a curved look compared with the angular bay window.

Others really prefer the picture window. They find the sleek look with an uninterrupted view of the outdoors is appealing. Their neighborhood might have many homes built in the same era that still have one or more of these features. In that case, these homeowners might choose to keep the same style and include a new, different frame. 

Deteriorated Frames

Deteriorated wood frames could signal a good reason to schedule new installation. Frames rot if they are not painted or stained regularly. Wood can warp over many years. When drafts are noticeable, an entirely new product is a sensible choice if the budget allows for it. Home insurance does not pay for frames that have decayed over the years, and replacement of one window almost certainly will cost less than the deductible.

Concluding Thoughts

Anyone who is interested in new installation to replace a broken window may contact a contractor providing the service. The contractor determines the price after being provided with the size, style, and frame material preferred. Reach out to a company like GLASS TECH for residential window installation.