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Demystifying 4 Myths About Windshield Repairs

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Many people don't realize how important the windshield is until it gets damaged. Without it, you would be constantly attacked by insects, strong winds, debris, and rocks of all sizes as you drive. This is why you should seek windshield repair services immediately if there's a chip or crack in your line of vision. 

Unfortunately, when you decide to get your windshield fixed, you'll encounter different misconceptions about windshield repair. And believing in some of these misconceptions might end up costing you heavily. So, here are four common myths you should ignore. 

A Small Chip or Crack Is Okay

Many people consider a chip or crack on the windshield to be a minor issue. In reality, a chip or crack, no matter how small, can weaken your glass. In case of a collision, your windshield cannot handle the impact as it should, so it's likely to shatter and cause severe injuries. Besides, if the chip or crack occurs in the line of your sight, it affects visibility, making driving hazardous. 

The good news is that a simple repair is enough to fix most minor chips. This is why it's advisable to seek professional windshield repair services early before the chip expands and increases in size. If you delay, you may have to replace the entire glass, which is more expensive. 

You Can DIY It

While repairing your windshield by following a DIY repair kit might be a cheaper idea, it isn't always the right one. In most cases, DIY hacks can end up causing more damage to your windshield, forcing you to replace it altogether.

Windshield experts have specialized knowledge, skills, tools, and experience to deal with all manner of windshield complications. Before they begin the work, they'll assess the damage to determine whether to repair or replace your windshield. They'll also complete the job in adherence to all the needed safety measures. 

Windshield Repair Claim Raises Your Insurance Payment

Many people are afraid of making windshield repair claims for fear that their insurer will raise the insurance policy premiums. In reality, insurance companies don't hike their rates for minor claims like windshield repair, as this would destroy their relationships with their customers. 

Of course, if you have put multiple claims, that would indicate you're a high-risk driver, leading to a rise in your insurance premiums. But if you're making a claim for the first time, and you've had a good driving record, you can relax knowing your insurer won't hold it against you.