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3 Reasons Why You Might Get A Damaged Windshield This Winter

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Winter is already here, and the temperatures are close to unbearable in most places. And as they fall even further, there are certain things that you will have to think about when it comes to vehicle maintenance. 

Vehicles are a little more troublesome in the winter because of the fluctuating temperatures and pressure. For instance, the windshield condition is one of the things many people ignore in the winter, much to their detriment. Take a look at issues that may affect your vehicle's front screen in the winter and how professional auto glass repair experts can solve them. 

Cracks on the Screen

The falling temperatures in the winter naturally put a lot of stress on the glass screen. Usually, when you get inside the car in the winter, you will first turn on the heat. However, this is a huge mistake because the rapid temperature change is unfavorable for the glass and may crack it. 

Also, sometimes ice solidifies on the screen, and you may get tempted to dislodge it. However, that exerts pressure on the windshield and may crack it. Therefore, you should avoid using shovels and other rudimentary tools to remove ice from the windshield. Instead, consult your auto glass repair technician on safe methods to clear ice and snow from your auto glass. 

Freezing Wiping Blades

People that live in colder parts of the country understand what it means to have frozen wiper blades. Your car needs wipers to remove the snowflakes. So when the wipers freeze, wait until they have thawed completely before turning them on. 

Frozen wiping blades create rough streaks on the screen and chip it. So to avoid this level of damage on the screen, you should always let the wipers unfreeze before you start using them. 

Use of Water to Melt Ice

It is simple science that hot water melts ice. However, it is a terrible idea to pour hot water on the surface of your windshield, trying to thaw the ice. You should avoid using hot water on the glass because it leads to rapid expansion, which eventually creates cracks. The use of lukewarm water might sound like a better idea, but when it hits the screen, you will end up with more frozen mass. 

It would be best to practice caution when handling your windshield in the winter. However, if you are not sure about a specific operation, consult an auto glass repair company. They will give you valuable tips to care for your windshield during the cold season.