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Frameless Shower Doors: Does Your Loved One Need One?

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If your loved one's shower curtain makes it difficult for them to enter and exit their bathtub safely, replace it with a frameless shower door. Shower curtains may be dangerous for some older individuals over time. Some curtains contain volatile chemicals as well. A shower door may be a great alternative to your loved one's traditional shower curtain. Learn more about shower curtains and why your loved one needs a frameless shower door below.

Are Shower Curtains Safe for Your Loved One?

Shower curtains should keep people safe while they bathe or shower. However, some shower curtains contain chemicals and germs that make them unsafe for some people to be around. In many cases, shower curtains can be the dirtiest items in the bathroom.

Shower curtains may also fall if you accidentally tug or pull on them. Older individuals who suffer from osteoporosis, arthritis, and other health issues can break bones or injure themselves if they fall. If your loved one suffers from a condition that weakens their body, a traditional shower curtain may not be safe for them to use.

You can make your loved one's bathroom and bath time safer with a frameless shower door.

Is a Frameless Shower Door Hard to Install?

Frameless shower doors come with features that make them ideal for the bathrooms of older adults. The doors generally come with a long handle or bar. If your loved one suffers from hand problems, the handle or bar may be easier for them to use over time.

The glass panes of the doors may also be easier for you or your loved one to clean and maintain. Although mold can grow on glass, the fungus is manageable with the right cleaning supplies. 

You'll need to have a glass company install your loved one's shower door for you. An installation company doesn't need to remove your loved one's bathtub to install the door. A shower door can fit securely on the top or edges of the tub's rim. A company will generally use special tools to prepare the tub for the installation. After a company prepares the tub, they'll install the door in it.

If your loved one's bathtub isn't suitable for a shower door, a company can remove it and replace it with a new shower stall. The stall will contain a frameless shower door, drainage system, and bars.

Learn more about installing a frameless shower door in your loved one's bathroom by contacting an installation company today, like Shepards Glass Inc.