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FAQs About Shower Enclosures, Tile, And Tubs

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Do you want to transform a dull, drab, or dark bathroom into a tranquil, spa-like setting? Is a glass shower enclosure on your must-have list? If this is your first experience with shower enclosures (or with bathroom renovations), take a look at what you need to know before you start this type of project.

Will A Glass Enclosure Impact Your Interior Shower Choices?

Glass allows light to enter the shower. This can brighten your bathroom and create the visual illusion of a larger space. It also allows you to see directly into the shower stall. Before you install a translucent (see-through) glass shower door, panel, or full enclosure, consider interior elements such as:

  • The condition of the tile. If you're not sure whether you should completely gut the shower or just replace the door, start with the condition of the tile. Translucent glass panels will make every chip, crack, or worn spot noticeable.

  • The color of the tile. A shower curtain can hide mismatched tile or tile that doesn't coordinate with the rest of the bathroom. But translucent glass can't. If you don't like the color of the tile or it will look out of place, now is the time to select a new hue.

  • The style of the tile. Are you creating a completely new bathroom design? Older tile can look dated in a contemporary decor plan. 

Think of the interior shower tile as an extension of the rest of the room. The translucent shower door or see-through frameless glass enclosure provides you with the chance to create a continuous design. You can also spotlight the interior shower tile and use it as a decorative accent or choose something unexpected, such as a natural stone. 

Can You Pair Glass and A Tub?

It is possible to add glass doors or a full enclosure to a bathtub. Some people prefer to soak in a bath or need a tub for their young children. If you're not willing to part with this bathroom fixture or the price of tearing out a tub prohibits your project:

  • Consider a sliding glass shower door. While this isn't a full enclosure, it will take the place of a floppy shower curtain. The door will sit on a track directly on the top of the tub. This creates a seamless finish with a contemporary, spa-like look. 

  • Add an enclosure around a tub. An heirloom clawfoot or other type of stand-alone tub can sit inside of a customer frameless glass enclosure. This creates a separate bathing space or can give you a completely different type of bath/shower combo. 

  • Choose a hinged door. Are you looking for something other than a sliding glass door? Talk to your contractor about installing a custom-cut hinged glass door on top of the tub.

If you're looking for alternatives or other design ideas, work with an experienced glass contractor to find a solution for tub-related issues. Custom creation allows you to use glass in unexpected ways. For more information on shower enclosures, contact a company near you.