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Tips For Having Your Custom Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure Installed

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When installing a new shower in your bathroom, you might have already decided that you want to go with a modern and attractive custom frameless glass shower enclosure. What you might not be prepared for is installation. Luckily, these tips can help you with having your custom frameless glass shower enclosure installed.

Opt for a Professional Installation

First of all, even if you have been painting and doing other renovations in your bathroom yourself, you'll likely find it's better to opt for a professional installation of your new frameless glass shower enclosure. It's possible to break the glass if you aren't careful when handling it, and improper installation can result in there not being a proper watertight seal. The same professionals who are selling you your frameless glass shower enclosure might be able to help with installation, or they can advise you about who you can call for help with installation.

Determine Exact Placement

Some people want to have their new shower enclosure installed in the exact place where their previous shower was. Others like to have new plumbing installed so they can move the shower to another area. Some want their new shower to be bigger than their last one, even though they want to have it installed in roughly the same place. Make sure you determine the exact placement for your new shower and that you go over this with the installers.

Choose the Right Glass

You can choose from different types of glass for your glass shower enclosure, including clear glass, frosted or opaque glass, or tinted glass. Go over the pros and cons of each type to choose the right one for your shower.

Pick the Right Accessories

Of course, your shower is more than just the shower itself. You'll also need to choose door handles, soap dishes, and a nice showerhead. Putting some effort into these little details will help you ensure that you're happy with your shower once it has been installed.

Make Room for the Workers

Ideally, you should be prepared to stay out of your bathroom for the hours when the workers are installing your new shower. This allows them to get their work done without having anyone in the way. Removing items from your existing shower or bathtub, picking up mats or other items on the floor, and otherwise making room for the workers to get started is also a good idea. The better you accommodate the workers, the faster they can get to work and get finished with the project.

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