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Glass Shower Door Maintenance Guidelines

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Installing a glass shower door will modernize your bathroom, plus prevent water from accumulating on your bathroom floor while showering. The care steps necessary to maintain a glass shower door are different from those needed to maintain the cleanliness of a shower curtain. Read below to learn some basic upkeep steps.

The Design

The design of a glass shower door will influence the level of care that is needed to maintain the glass. Some doors contain beveled or etched designs. Intricate marks within the glass can trap debris. A smooth pane of safety glass is also commonly used to manufacture a glass door. This type of door is easy to clean, due to the even surface of the glass.

If you choose to purchase a glass door that contains grooves and other fine details, shop for a glass product that has a protective coating applied to it. Shower door manufacturers often sell glass door products that contain polymer coatings. A polymer coating prevents soap scum, mold, and mildew buildup. 

Natural, Non-Abrasive Products

Natural, non-abrasive products should be used to clean a glass shower door. There are many commercial products designed for use on safety glass. A product that doesn't contain harsh chemicals and additives will not scratch glass. Instead, this type of product will restore the brilliant shine of the glass. A rubber-tipped squeegee or a microfiber cloth can be used to clean each side of the glass.

Before investing in any glass maintenance materials, review the guidelines that a manufacturer of a particular product has furnished. This step will ensure that you do not accidentally purchase something that hasn't been designed for use on the type of glass that your new shower door is constructed of. If you invest in a door that features metal frame pieces, purchase a specially formulated cleaner to freshen up the frame pieces.


A glass shower door should be cleaned after each use. Frequently cleaning the door will prevent the need for lengthy cleaning sessions. Cleaning the door daily is especially helpful if you decide to invest in a glass product that does not have a polymer coating added to it. 

A Cleaning Caddy

A cleaning caddy can be used to store the squeegee, cleaning spray, and other essentials that you have purchased to maintain the cleanliness of the glass. A caddy can be installed next to the shower. This will make it convenient for you to retrieve the items needed to maintain the glass door.

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